Fat Pants

Nothing is right when my "fat pants" are too tight.  I have bad-hair days, my eyelids sag, my skin is dry, and my wrinkles are deeper.   I toss clothes all over the bed, ripping them off trying to find "something to wear."  It looks like I've done deep closet cleaning once I find a shirt … Continue reading Fat Pants


Fatty Bo Batty Post

Hi Teri Caffeine Deprived,  I don't know if what I write is going on your blog or mine.  Pretty sharp, huh?  Anyway, if this is on your blog then get blogging because I need to know how your lifestyle change is going.  Mine is not so great right now.  Too many interruptions.  The best way for … Continue reading Fatty Bo Batty Post

Rewind, Same Tape, Different Outcome??

My dieting diary can be rewritten with a simple copy/paste.  I live in one of three paragraphs and weigh-in accordingly. #1 - Fatty -  Beginning tomorrow, I'm on board. No matter what I'm beginning a healthy lifestyle. What? Someone wants to meet for lunch? Mexican? Shoot, she’s down-in-the-dumps and she loves Mexican. She needs me. Okay, I’m … Continue reading Rewind, Same Tape, Different Outcome??