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Fat Pants

Nothing is right when my “fat pants” are too tight.  I have bad-hair days, my eyelids sag, my skin is dry, and my wrinkles are deeper.   I toss clothes all over the bed, ripping them off trying to find “something to wear.”  It looks like I’ve done deep closet cleaning once I find a shirt I can wear in public.  I hate it, but apparently I don’t hate it enough.  Grrrrr….  Teri Reynolds I need a shot of “what the hell is wrong with you?”

There are several ways to lose weight.  My problem is I’ve been mixing diets, a little bit of Weight Watchers, a little of South Beach, and a little of Common Sense.

Common sense is the most dangerous approach.  Common Sense affords me freedom to rationalize.  I mix all the approaches.   I can eat just about anything if I eat it in moderation.  If I weren’t a sugar addict this diet might work.  Good or bad stress causes an increase in my sugar cravings. With my addictive personality, I don’t do well with cravings.  Generally, I give up the Common Sense diet once I’m disgusted with my weight gain while dieting.

Today I’m switching to South Beach with a planned cheat Friday evening then right back to South Beach on Saturday.  So…here goes.  I’ll keep a food log for a few days.  Off to the scale.  Scary.

Just Do It This Baby Boomers Real Life

Fatty Bo Batty Post

Hi Teri Caffeine Deprived, 

I don’t know if what I write is going on your blog or mine.  Pretty sharp, huh?  Anyway, if this is on your blog then get blogging because I need to know how your lifestyle change is going.  Mine is not so great right now.  Too many interruptions.  The best way for me to lose weight is to seclude myself – locked inside – with very little food I like and lots of rabbit food.  I’m heading to the grocery to once again shop the perimeter of the store.  

Your struggling to stay off the obese chart friend,



Just Do It This Baby Boomers Real Life

Rewind, Same Tape, Different Outcome??

My dieting diary can be rewritten with a simple copy/paste.  I live in one of three paragraphs and weigh-in accordingly.

#1 – Fatty –  Beginning tomorrow, I’m on board. No matter what I’m beginning a healthy lifestyle. What? Someone wants to meet for lunch? Mexican? Shoot, she’s down-in-the-dumps and she loves Mexican. She needs me. Okay, I’m a good friend and I’ll be fine. No chips. Well, maybe 5 chips. Wait. If I don’t eat after 7PM tonight I could have 10 chips. We meet. I eat a basket of chips. I know I ate a basket because we finished off two baskets and I can’t be out-eaten. I blew it. That means I can eat after 7PM and start tomorrow. These set-backs go on for about 2 years and then I’ve had it. I buy a new weight-loss book or join a program and kick it into high gear.

#2 – Becoming a Former Fatty – I start my new lifestyle and there is no looking back. I can kick-it-up a notch like no one else. I’m not even tempted to cheat. I feel sorry for people who can’t control what goes in their mouths. Really, it’s easy if they’d just get serious. Don’t they know that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? We’ve all heard that at Weight Watchers and WW knows their stuff! I’ve done this many times. I’ve lost 10, 20, 30, 40 pounds. I know what to do and I’m doing it.

#3 – Feeling Good to What Happened?  – I’m coasting along in my new stylish clothes feeling pretty darn good about not being a fatty. Then I forget I’m not a fatty. Life throws a curve ball…then another…and another.  I get occupied in other people’s crap and forget I’m supposed to be taking care of ME. And the more I forget, the more I eat and then I gain all of the 10, 20, 30, or 40 pounds back and for good measure add an extra 5 or 10. My only saving grace is I can blame the weight gain on someone else. If I wasn’t such a good person, caring for the world, I’d be skinny!

Right now I’m in the middle of my copy/paste weight story. Barely into paragraph #2.

Will I be able to rewrite paragraph #3 or will it be the same old story?