Ready to Vote

After much research, I know how I am going to vote in the 2012 Presidential Election.  I respect a difference of opinion.  We are all afforded the opportunity to go to the voting booth and vote our convictions.  I am a registered voter with a photo ID.  Yes, a photo ID.  We need ID to do most anything, but apparently many believe we have qualified voters who can’t manage to produce a photo ID.  Nonsense.

I believe this country needs to get back to less government, more individual responsibility and continued compassion helping those who need it, expecting those able to put forth great effort to take care of themselves.  Let’s quit coddling those with a sense of entitlement.  California, one of our most liberal tree-hugging states, is in dire straits.  Gas prices are nearly $5 a gallon and their unemployment benefits last 2 years.

This country is a mess and it has hit close to home.  I’ve lost all the equity in my home.  I have been uninsurable since 1973 and remain uninsurable.  I was forced to close an established million dollar business two years ago.  The gas prices are sky-rocketing.

Trillions of dollars of additional debt and unemployment and underemployment are causing more federal benefits to be doled out than ever before in history.  Our country is more focused on inclusion and gay marriage than facing the reality that terrorists are among us and would kill all of us given a chance.  We blame an Islamic video for an attack at an embassy killing four Americans.  I watched the video.  Hillary was not speaking for me when she went worldwide apologizing for the video and explaining our politics and freedom of speech.  It was clear we were dealing with evil.  Are we trying to get those who hate us to like us or understand us?  What is with this inclusion, and sensitivity, and fairness.

Concern with minority issues has gotten out of hand.  We worry about illegal aliens and their rights.  We consider lawsuits from those who do not have legal status.  We scream “bigot” at those who believe marriage is between a man and a woman.  We insist guns kill people; instead of people kill people.  We shun those who demand their right to religious freedom be upheld.  However we install a basin at the airport for a minority religion so its members can wash their feet.  More than 50% of marriages end in divorce and drag children through turmoil.  We have dumbed-down education, given poor teachers tenure and expect villages to raise our children.  We expose ourselves and our children to sex, violence, and selfishness without acknowledging the reality of the consequences of immoral choices..  We believe crime toward a minority is more reprehensible than crime toward a heterosexual white person.  We passed the Hate Crime law to prove it.

As far as Obama Care… there are too many hidden agendas.  We have Nancy Pelosi saying, ““We have to pass the (health care) bill so you can find out what is in it”.  What?  Congress should trust that it is “good”.  She supports it, but hasn’t read it.  She wanted to hurry and pass it because it could be a Christmas present for the American people. This is insane. Obama Care will require thousands of new IRS agents to enforce it.  It will not help me get health insurance.  The uninsurable benefit is only available to the irresponsible who go three months without health insurance. The American public has no idea what is hidden in those thousands of pages of reforms. What a mess.

Do we need reform?  Yes.  Our healthcare is too expensive, there are lots of problems and poor people die more often because they cannot afford preventive care.  Many of us are uninsurable.  Obama Care is not the answer.   Give power to the states.  States that will provide more affordable and accessible medical care,  treat their citizens fairly, provide good education, housing, infrastructure, lower their crime rates, bring in new business and employment opportunities will increase their contributing population.  Responsible hard-working people will gravitate to those states.  The states not meeting standards will continue to dole out benefits or improve to bring economic stability to their state.  Let’s get competitive and get the national government out of our lives.  We all know that once government gets involved we are at the mercy of people who are looking to keep their jobs.

Keeping their jobs is the goal of most politicians.  In 2008, Bill Clinton said Obama’s economic plan was a fairy tale.  Why?  Hillary was running against Obama.  Now, Clinton is promoting Obama as the one who will get us out of this economic mess.  Why?  Because if Obama gets another term, Hillary will ride his coattails into a presidency of  her own.  It’s all politics, politics, politics.  We’ve got people passing laws that will never affect them.  People making careers out of being politicians.  Democrats and Republicans need to be watched closely…  and it would be helpful if those voting would at least be sharp enough to listen to the liberals, moderates, and conservatives and use a little discernment before making a decision on who they are going to entrust this great country.   I believe we are a wonderfully diverse population.  Unfortunately, we’ve voted ourselves into an economic and entitlement nightmare.


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