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My Best Friends Talk

Fear: A loss of control over what is pending causing a sense of doom, therefore halting further action.

It must be a common emotion, why else would we hear “frozen in fear”?  Once frozen, it can take seconds or years to thaw.  Sometimes it never happens.  It depends on the perceived consequence of a wrong choice.

Some people are frozen solid.  They exhaust me.  “Where do you want to go for dinner?  Do you want to see a movie?  Which one?  Want to go to Vegas?  Do you believe in euthanasia, like M&Ms, prefer dogs or cats?  Frozen people never have an opinion.  Pleasing everyone is more important than having an opinion.

My friends say what they feel.  They trust me to remain their friend even if they are tree-hugging Democrats who are more worried about the life-span of a gnat and global warming than sex-trafficking and genocide.   They accept people like me who vote Republican and believe we should teach people to fish hoping they buy a lake house so we have a place to share “deep thoughts”.   We love each other.  And, we argue long enough to see each others absurd reasoning.

Frozen people are sometimes a nuisance, but they can be included in groups, unlike the immoral, selfish, narcissistic, sociopaths, who try to pass themselves off as caring people, while inflicting physical or emotional abuse on anyone who will accept it.  They need their own planet.

But for all the good people…  Let’s not be frozen in fear.  Let’s have fun, say what we think, love our diversity, and accept that 89.5% of the time I’m right.


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