Follow-up to July’s A Child is Dying

I am 59-years-old.  My nephew is 32-years-old.  Today we both received news from our doctors.

My test results came in the mail.  They revealed my limits were within the normal range for my stress test and heart ultrasound (echocardiogram).  These test results show that my current treatment is working.  I am happy.

Matt’s test results came directly from his oncologist at Methodist Hospital.  His lung has a 13-inch active tumor pushing on the right side of his heart.  The left side of his heart is doing all the work.  His past treatments worked for a few years.  The oncologist said if he’d been an older person he would have already expired.  According to Matt’s doctor he has two days to two weeks to live.  He is being sent home with hospice care.  I am sad.

I pray that Matt is held by Jesus and surrounded by angels.  I hope the Holy Spirit fills him with peace as he prepares to begin his new life.  I have no words adequate to share with his parents.  God bless and hold them in the palm of his hand as he comforts them and assures them there is in fact new life waiting for Matt.  They will be with him again someday.  In the meantime my heart breaks for them.


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