Just Do It, This Baby Boomers Real Life

Fat Pants

Nothing is right when my “fat pants” are too tight.  I have bad-hair days, my eyelids sag, my skin is dry, and my wrinkles are deeper.   I toss clothes all over the bed, ripping them off trying to find “something to wear.”  It looks like I’ve done deep closet cleaning once I find a shirt I can wear in public.  I hate it, but apparently I don’t hate it enough.  Grrrrr….  Teri Reynolds I need a shot of “what the hell is wrong with you?”

There are several ways to lose weight.  My problem is I’ve been mixing diets, a little bit of Weight Watchers, a little of South Beach, and a little of Common Sense.

Common sense is the most dangerous approach.  Common Sense affords me freedom to rationalize.  I mix all the approaches.   I can eat just about anything if I eat it in moderation.  If I weren’t a sugar addict this diet might work.  Good or bad stress causes an increase in my sugar cravings. With my addictive personality, I don’t do well with cravings.  Generally, I give up the Common Sense diet once I’m disgusted with my weight gain while dieting.

Today I’m switching to South Beach with a planned cheat Friday evening then right back to South Beach on Saturday.  So…here goes.  I’ll keep a food log for a few days.  Off to the scale.  Scary.


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