Daughters and Their Babies

The Real Jill

jan being jill

Jan pretending she is Jill…  the pose is perfect.  Jill even thought it was Jill.

A story will follow after I write it.  I’m so happy that these two are good friends and have so much fun together.

The Real Jill

What do you do when your daughter starts high school? If you’re Jill, you find a tutu dress at Salvation Army and jump out of the car and sprint down the street in front of all of her friends. That’s not embarrassing at all. – jan

By roughdraftliving

I am thankful for uneventful days, healthy children, a job I love, friends who care, people who love me, people who make me laugh, and a decent IQ. I am thankful that God made me and took me through challenges. which molded me to be compassionate, tolerant, accepting and non-judgmental. I'm thankful that my family is so darn funny and fun and we have each other's backs at all times. Life is darn good!

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