Just Do It, This Baby Boomers Real Life

Fatty Bo Batty Post

Hi Teri Caffeine Deprived, 

I don’t know if what I write is going on your blog or mine.  Pretty sharp, huh?  Anyway, if this is on your blog then get blogging because I need to know how your lifestyle change is going.  Mine is not so great right now.  Too many interruptions.  The best way for me to lose weight is to seclude myself – locked inside – with very little food I like and lots of rabbit food.  I’m heading to the grocery to once again shop the perimeter of the store.  

Your struggling to stay off the obese chart friend,




One thought on “Fatty Bo Batty Post

  1. LMAO. You are so funny and precious to me!

    OK, I’ll work on a blog. I’ve slipped some, but I’m not look at it as a slip – I’m just living normally. 😉

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