Muslim Movie

Okay…maybe Hilary felt she needed to “explain” our government did not make the stupid movie. God knows other parts of the world do not even know freedom of speech is a possibility. There is absolute chaos going on all over the middle east. Their problems seem to be a result of something a lot bigger than a stupid movie. As an American I don’t know what the hell is going on and I wish we had a teacher who could explain all of this in simple terms without party bias. I for one do not feel we need to be apologizing while we throw troops and money all over the world trying to help people. We can’t go bombing in a knee-jerk reaction. Another thought is we spend billions on helping everyone while our unemployment and poverty is sky-rocketing. Is there anyone smart enough to fix this mess? I for one think there are some mean scary ass people out there who hate us and this had better not become political. Are we stupid?


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