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Old news…

12/21/2011 – By Me… the owner of this blog!! “Did you read her blog?” No, I’m too busy trying to blog my own life. I used to have a website and maybe that was sort of a professional blog about products and services. The only people reading it were customers or someone who wanted to know what the heck my daughter and I were doing and if we were smart enough to do it. So, this blog is for me. I doubt anyone will ever read it or know about it. Then again, sometimes I find myself entertaining so I might share with my daughters or friends. The good thing about this blog is the entire thing can be a “rough draft”. That makes life easier. I like to live in “rough draft”. I can clean it up if I need to clean it up.

12/22/2011  Today…  It’s good to plan my days, but only if I can change plans.  Today I’d like to do something with Dee, my granddaughter.  I don’t get much time with Dee. Mostly I see her when I’m being a taxi driver – a few minutes here and there. She has a busy life and when she’s not busy she’s doing chores or homework. When Dee was an infant through about age four, she lived with me and I cared for her every day while her mother was in school or at work. That stopped one day when they moved out. I still saw Dee a lot, but not always in the evenings. Then Jill got married and things changed even more… As the years go on I see less and less of Dee. I suppose it’s natural evolution, but not entirely. Well, today I’m hoping I see Dee, but if I can’t then there is always Plan B. Since I’m a rough draft sort of person, I’m not sure what Plan B is yet, but there is one. There’s always one.

By roughdraftliving

I am thankful for uneventful days, healthy children, a job I love, friends who care, people who love me, people who make me laugh, and a decent IQ. I am thankful that God made me and took me through challenges. which molded me to be compassionate, tolerant, accepting and non-judgmental. I'm thankful that my family is so darn funny and fun and we have each other's backs at all times. Life is darn good!

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