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I haven’t blogged for years because I’ve been distracted. In 2016, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Prior to Trump, I had no idea how corrupt our politicians were and how most did not give one good shit about this country. Trump promised to expose the Deep State and it pissed off the Democrats, the media, big tech, big pharma, left-wing progressives, and millions of clueless Americans who listened to mainstream media and believed the lies. It also pissed off many Republicans because like the Dems they padded their pockets with special interest group money and payback for favors given to others including other countries. All hell broke loose.

Donald Trump was attacked and special investigations based on lies costing billions of dollars while dividing the country ensued. The left, which included The Squad; a group of four Democrat women Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib the most progressive, left-wing members of congress were relentless in spewing hatred toward America. They claimed Americans were either oppressed non-whites or white racists. All cops and all Republicans were despicable and guilty. Burning buildings, destroying businesses, properties, statues, and monuments, was called peaceful protesting. Our country was hijacked. Many conservatives, especially if they publicly supported Trump were investigated and their lives destroyed. Democrats on the other hand were able to lie, cheat, and commit crime with no repercussions. The Republicans were a divided weak force with no alliance due their greed and secrets. The American people were screwed and those who paid attention were seeing it. Americans who were either too busy to notice or too far left allowed it to continue. Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Critical Race Theory took over. The goal was to destroy white privilege, which was a privilege given to all white people, even those who lived in squaller. Whites Were Despicable. Period! Everything was racists – brands, names of athletic teams, books, schools, even interstates. Racist!! Many of the truly privileged whites jumped on the bandwagon, marching for BLM and already intact civil rights. Of course, they would shit if the ghettos came anywhere near their pristine neighborhoods.

In 2019, Covid 19 hit and shut down the country. Trump was on TV every day keeping Americans updated on the virus that originated in China. People were terrified. Democrat Nancy Pelosi, minority leader, said “never waste a good crisis.” The Dems took this as another way to divide the country and change the voting laws. They did mass mailing of ballots, which enabled mass cheating, which led to Joe Biden, 40-year politician and bumbling angry puppet to be the unelected President of the United States. It has been a shit show since. Inflation, loss of jobs, American military deaths, and supplying the Taliban with billions in state-of-the-art military equipment.

So, the good news is my family sees it. We know the country is under attack…. disagree with the progressives and you are censored. Even President Trump was censored and continues to be censored. Democrats will not stop until Socialism is ushered in with all the blind sheep grazing away at the pittance thrown to them by the government. A sad time, indeed!

(Written quickly, much is left out or not clearly explained. I realize this. It would take days and days to do this mess justice. I’ve decided I don’t want to give this one more minute. I have little control. Hopefully the next election will be a fair one. No cheating!

Trump Rally – Me, Diane, Jan, Phil, Emily and Elaine; missing Jill
Little Republicans

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