Just Do It


I’ve reached my limit.

My excuses have led to a 25 pound weight gain.  I had plenty of reasons as to why this “happened” to me.  First, my muscles were weak and every step I took caused pain…I was sure I was slowly going to become a cripple or least a person with a cane.  I had a podiatrist wanting to do surgery on my foot; I refused.  I had doctor checking me for osteoporosis, arthritis and fibromyalgia.  After a year of this nonsense, my sister convinced me to get off the cholesterol drug.  Pain gone.  Then, I break my foot.  I was non-weight bearing for a month and then on crutches for three months.  The doctor told me it would be a year before my foot would be back to normal.

How could I not gain weight moving so slow?  So, be gone common sense eating.  I was a 2-year mess of a specimen… a person turning into a blob.  I’d joke about being a sloth on the couch, but it wasn’t a joke.  The couch, a plate or bag of anything to munch on, and the television became my evening routine beginning as soon as possible.

The longer this routine went on the more fatigued I became.  So, now I’m complaining to my cardiologist that I’m too tired.  Is there something wrong?  Once again, tests are scheduled.  Blood clot in the heart.  Do not exercise.

I’m thanking God that I’m a lazy fat sloth.  My lack of movement probably kept the clot in my heart and didn’t encourage it to move to my lungs.  That was a few months ago.  Last week my doctor tested everything.  The test results were normal.  My heart is functioning well.  The blood flow to/from heart is good.  I’ve been given the okay to exercise.  And, I know when I’ve been given the okay, it’s expected that I get back to my old routine.

I’ve been lucky.  I feel like the Enegerzier Bunny.  The blessing of good health merits thanks to God with a promise to show appreciation by taking care of myself.


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