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Let’s Talk Politics –

I love to discuss politics.  I have no problem getting into a one-on-one discussion on health care, illegal immigrants, gun control, the death penalty, religious freedom, or even abortion.  Listening, debating, and then ending it.   Most all of us think we are “good” people wanting what’s best for the country.

The outrage following the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the mandate for Affordable Health Care mirrors the Roe v. Wade outrage.  People are losing sleep, fighting, yelling, praying, celebrating, contributing to campaigns, and gearing up for November’s presidential election.  What many are not doing is research on the mandate.

I’d be a fool to say I know much about this new mandate.  My God, it’s over 2400 pages.

Who drafted it?  Were groups of committees assigned different aspects of the mandate, putting together pieces, and hoping all the pieces worked once finished?  Did it all begin with pieces of Mitt Romney’s healthcare plan for Massachusetts?

Maybe it went something like this… Let’s make everyone get insurance.  What about the ones who refuse?  We’ll impose a penalty.  How will we collect it?  We’ll hire a bunch of new IRS agents to enforce it. How?  What if those purposefully uninsured need hospital care?  We can’t let anyone die without trying to help them.  Maybe we’ll use the penalty money to pay for it, and use the compliant tax payers to fund the overage.  What about the illegal aliens?  Can they buy insurance?  No!!  Do we let them die on the street?  No, we’re a compassionate country.  Who will pay for their care?   What about Medicaid?  Darn, all of this is confusing!

We need to wake up!  Quit looking to Facebook or the media, or our neighbors to help us decide if we are for or against Obama Care.  Media is so bias it depends on which pundits we are listening to as to what “FACTS” we hear.  Even worse than media are the websites sprouting up, and people basing decisions solely based on party loyalty.

Instead of arguing and being dead-set one way or the other on this issue we might consider asking lots of questions and doing a little research, while keeping in mind that we are unlikely to change anyone’s vote.


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