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Boring Peacocks

How many times have I tried to listen to a boring sermon… One time I told a priest friend how boring a different priest’s sermons were and was told we go to church for the mass. What? I thought if we missed the homily we missed mass; it’s that important. I like how Pope Francis puts it right out there.

He told a group of new priests he was ordaining to make sure “that your homilies are not boring, that your homilies arrive directly in people’s hearts because they flow from your heart, because what you tell them is what you have in your heart. Examples edify, but words without examples are empty words, they are just ideas that never reach the heart and, in fact, they can harm. They are no good..

(-for those giving a sermon) The homily must be intent only on pleasing God and not himself. It is ugly to see a priest who lives to please himself, who acts like a peacock strutting around.”

So…I think about this boring stuff…if we listen and speak from the heart we will not be boring because we will connect with the other person.

Peacocks never connect.

By roughdraftliving

I am thankful for uneventful days, healthy children, a job I love, friends who care, people who love me, people who make me laugh, and a decent IQ. I am thankful that God made me and took me through challenges. which molded me to be compassionate, tolerant, accepting and non-judgmental. I'm thankful that my family is so darn funny and fun and we have each other's backs at all times. Life is darn good!

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