Thirty Years Later

1984 -  I’m 31; she’s 8… I’m demanding over and over, “Who is she?” He says nothing.  Expressionless; no emotion detected.  Blank. I’m thinking of my sister, my friends, my anger.  He’s not having an affair.  I’m tired of defending him.  He would never have an affair.  He’s working hard; providing for his family.  His job … Continue reading Thirty Years Later


24 Hours With The Babies

My daughter and her husband leave town every year around July 4th to visit college roommates, suck down Jell-O shots, pretend they're twenty-something and forget they're parents.   While the parents party, the grandparents go on active duty. I share Henry and Ruth with their other grandma for the weekend.  Gigi, my co-grandma, can outlast … Continue reading 24 Hours With The Babies