About Me

cropped-cropped-me1.jpg ROUGH DRAFT LIVING

Each day is a rough draft.  There’s not a final draft until I take my last breath.  If I don’t like something I can change it.

About the only thing I can’t change is what’s already happened.

Sometimes I imagine a day when everyone I loved was still alive.  The girls were young.  I was happy most every day.  I didn’t realize how much I would miss those years or how precious memories would become.

Memories are not always accurate, but they are real.  Some come to the surface easily and bring a smile.  I’m with my parents or friends who are no longer here.  I remember funny things the kids did on uneventful days.  Other memories, those I’d like to forget, are never completely extinguished.   I’ve been devastated, sad, angry, afraid, and depressed.  It’s good.  I’m more tolerant and compassionate and a whole lot smarter today.  Memories survive for good reason.

Now I’m old, but I like myself more as an old person.  I’ve learned a lot.  It’s true, wisdom comes with age.  I can’t imagine how much we waste by treating the aged as if they’re all used up.

On Halloween 2013, I turned sixty or as my girlfriend says, “Sexty.”  It’s not so bad…  I feel a whole lot better than I did when I turned fifty.  Life is good.

My Life Now & Then

IMG_1755-Ti            family


photo (2)_06d x             ruth shoulder               DeeSlagle_001_10_13_2013 



   me and ruth   


    14212603_10210286102179534_8608891458094260454_n                                                                    2016 Florida



What kind of blogger takes a 3 year break?  A blogger trying to retire, work out, eat healthy, and support Trump.  I retired…

Some blogs may look like I wrote in 2019 but its only editing.  I’ll begin writing new blogs before 2022.

One thought on “About Me

  1. You’ve packed a lot of wisdom into just a few words here. “My good memories are kept in a treasure chest that opens at will or even better, unexpectedly.” That seems to be true for all memories.

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